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A wise man once said:

“There’s a gap between what people know, and what people want to know…”

… we are here to bridge that gap.

NAIEF is your go-to source for information and your gateway for discovering Luxembourg.
We help you fit right in and feel at home in Luxembourg by answering your questions, getting you information, connecting you to people and telling you about activities and events.

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How It Works

Join NAIEF — the largest support network in Luxembourg for EU Institutions Employees and their Families.

Subscribe to our Newsletter, Join events from our Calendar, Get your questions answered by our Help Line.

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Feel comfortable, have fun, network, learn, go sightseeing, do business, see some art, get a hobby. Enjoy!


Whether you want to find a job or start a business we have the information for you.

Learn a New Language

Luxembourg tops the charts with the highest average of number of languages spoken by residents — 4.3. Find out a language course that fits your needs.

Arts and Crafts

Musical activities, creative clubs, team sports — you name it, we have it. There is always something happening at NAIEF.

Have Fun With The Kids

Wondering what to do on the weekend with your little ones? We’ve got you covered.

Expand Your Network

Connect with like-minded people and local influencers. Our networking events and activities range from informal get-togethers to exclusive black-ties.

Practical and Useful

Transport, leasure, administrative procedures, integration, banking, insurance, shopping, clubbing — your questions always find answers.

Keeping It Real Simple

Ever wondered what to do in Lux? Where to find the stuff you need? Do you have a thousand questions and no one to ask?

You can spend countless hours digging through hundreds of welcome guides, flyers, books and thousands of webpages…

…Or you can join NAIEF (it’s free), and you’ll get access to the largest support network for EU Institutions Employees and their Families.

Where you will get REAL advice from REAL people JUST LIKE YOU who have had the EXACT same problem before and can share with you the EXACT steps to SOLVE that problem.

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Imagine This…

Imagine what would happen if you found 5 new people who have something in common with you…

…Now multiply this by several hundred.


Practical is the Word

Integrating into a new living place is never easy. That is why we have taken all the hard work away from you.

By joining NAIEF, you become a part of a community that consists of hundreds of other members — JUST LIKE YOU.

Many of them have already “been there — done that” and have shared with us EXACTLY HOW they’ve done it.

And the best part?

We have cut out all the fluff, showing you exactly what works in Luxembourg and how.


Our Key Features

Our Approach Works

You’ll find that our approach to integration is effective.

NAIEF is only a few years old but we have developed our approach over the past 10+ years and have tested it with hundreds of people in 20+ industries.

Our secret is in using the perfect blend of a support community, event management, social and business networking, targeted communication and shared knowledge dissemination.

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